The University

Nawroz University was established for the first time under the name Duhok University College in 2004 by the economists syndicate in Duhok governorate in accordance to the approval of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region's prime minister dated on 2004/7/20. The university started from that date receiving students and the teaching process had been started on 2004/12/1 based on the decision of consultancy committee resolution of the ministry of the higher education and scientific research in Kurdistan Region numbered 3/2 and dated in 2004/12/1.

Since 2004 Duhok University College kept on expanding until it was transferred in 2009 to Nawroz University in accordance to the decision of the council of ministers of Iraqi Kurdistan Region numbered (2854) and dated on 2009/9/15 which was announced to the region's institutions in accordance to the decision of the ministry of higher education and scientific research numbered (517) and dated in 2009/10/5. 

The university includes now five faculties which are Law and Politics Faculty, Economics and Administration Faculty, Computer Science and I.T. Faculty and Faculty of Languages.                                                                                         

University LOGO

LOGO contents and meanings:


  • The book symbolizes science and knowledge.
  • The six lines symbolizes to the university's intention to open six faculties.
  • The sun symbolizes scientific progresses and flourishes.
  • The mountain symbolizes Dohuk city.
  • The colors are taken from Kurdistan flag colors.



University Message

We believe in education to release the capabilities of information and build up

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