The Accounting Department is one of the departments of the Faculty of Management and Economics at the University of Noroz. Accounting is the language of finance and trade and the organization of the financial relationship in the human society based on the foundations, concepts, assumptions and principles. And standards for measuring the output of economic and service units.

The Department of Accounting includes more than 671 students, morning and evening classes, and four academic levels. The department also includes a number of good academicians, and the number of subjects is (30) scientific subjects.

Section goal

A number of objectives have been identified for the accounting department, which stems from the importance of this department in academic and practical life. These objectives include acceptance of students interested in this department, care for them, developing their scientific and practical abilities, working on the interaction of graduates with the labor market, From the interaction of the university with the community.

Section Message

The Department of Accounting works to qualify graduates by providing education that complies with international standards in a research academic environment with distinguished human resources, active community partnership and supportive administrative system. The values ​​adopted by the department are scientific and workmanship and attention to quality standards and teamwork within the foundations and university instructions as well as credibility.

Section vision

The accounting department aims at preparing and graduating distinguished students from the scientific and practical aspects, preparing and attracting good teaching staff to scientifically upgrade the department, developing the accounting environment for production and service institutions in the society, and highlighting accounting values ​​such as quality, transparency and credibility in the work and outputs of public and private departments and institutions.

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