Department of Economics


DoE was founded as the corner-stone of the College of Administration & Economics in 2004, and was part of Duhok University College (later then it has been developed into Nawroz University in 2007). The departments originally aimed to develop specialized cadre to both the governmental and private economic institutions. This is, besides enriching the economic scientific literature through carrying out research and study works. So, the department is doing its best to conduct routine program of symposiums, workshops, and seminars as part of dealing with the important present and future economic issues.

The department usually awards the graduates Bachelor Degree in Economics. In its faculty, the department has got high qualified 31 academics with high scientific ranking (2 Profs, 2 assist. Profs, 5 instructors, and 3 assist. instructors), and it is worth mentioning that among them 5 with PhD in Economics. As visiting lecturers, the department has got 3 assist. Profs, 4 instructors, and 8 assist instructors.

2- Vision

DoE look always forward to the development of the its students’ knowledge in the field of economics which eventually aims at developing practical connections with community, through the training of the human resources  in order to take place in the community services. It is for this reason; the department faculty always does their best to consider the quality assurance terms as based by the Ministry of Higher Educations in Kurdistan Region, and not to mention keeping pace with the developments happening in the world, whether academically or economically.


DoE’s mission is to meet the demands of the labor market in respect of its needs for qualified cadre which can cope with the modern economic conceptions. Building on this, DoE speculates its mission in 3 dimensions

a-     Educational Process: This means providing the students with highly standardized educational environment which helps them to build their intellectual arsenal.

b-    Scientific research: This means encouraging the students’ participation in the research work undertaken by the department’s faculty, in accordance with economic needs of the domestic community.

c-     Community Service: This means establishing mutual relationship with state institutions which may benefit from DoE’s graduates’ specialization.


a-     Training scientifically specialized cadre through providing them with wide-ranging and advanced economic knowledge.

b-    Preparing labor cadre who have extensive knowledge about the region’s human resources.

c-     Training the students to search, analyze, and explain the reasons and effects of the economic events.

d-    Creating economic awareness which helps the student to devote their knowledge for the benefit of the society.

e-     Deepening the students’ humanitarian values in the field of economics.

f-       Taking part with other scientific departments when dealing with the problems which the community usually faces.

g-     Training the students to deal with optimal use of the human and natural resources.

h-    Training the students to use the most recent approaches in scientific research and techniques.   


Since its foundation in 2004, DoE has been ready to welcome, whether in the Morning-study or Evening-study classes, the applicants who seek to get a Bachelor Degree in Economics.

Accordingly, DoE plans to develop levels of postgraduate-studies as follows:

a-     Founding a Higher Diploma Degree study in Economy Project Assessment and Economic Feasibility Study.

b-    Founding a Master Degree study in Economic Sciences.

Academics who headed the DoE

1-     Prof. Dr. Sa’ad ‘Ajeel Shihaab   

2-     Assist. Prof. Dr. Sameer Fakhri Ni’mah Alwa’li

3-     Assist. Prof. Dr. Fawaz Jarallah Naiif


4-     Instr. Dr. Muhanad ‘Azeez Muhammed Slalal    

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