College of Administration and Economics

Finance Science and Banking Depatment

Finance Science and Banking Depatment

Department of Finance & Banking Sciences


The Department of Finance and Banking Sciences draws its vision from the College of Administration & Economics philosophy in part and from Nawroz University educational Philosophy as whole. One of the department’s priorities is to provide the community with the banking and financial services through conducting various academic programs, in order to cope with the financial developments happening in the regional and global areas. Meanwhile, the department does the best to keep its academic performance as consistent as possible with community’s real needs.    


To sum up, our mission is concerned with developing qualified and skilled human resources in the field of finance and banking sciences, in order to meet the demands of employment environment which keep pace with global developments in the field. Doubtlessly, this cannot be achieved but by professional academic cadre, besides educational programs designed to cope with the developments happening in business and financial markets.  


a-     Meeting the economic sectors need for business, finance and banking cadre.

b-    Developing the students’ intellectual, scientific, and research skills and experience.

c-     Developing the students’ ability to deal with the financial crisis’s effects.

d-    Training the students to learn how to develop their financial and banking skills.

e-     Training the students to mechanize the financial data.

f-       Training the students to use the IT and financial& banking decision-making.


g-     Training the students to deal with the credit risks and how to decrease the risks, besides how to foresee the financial crisis and how to reduce its effects by tax legislation and gape filling.       

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