The College of computers and Information Technology is one of the prominent colleges of Nawroz University. It was established in the academic year 2006-2007 to provide the society with well professionally-equipped in all fields of computer sciences and information technology to meet the growing demands of the regional and national economy.

The College follows the strategies of offering the undergraduate program that integrates theoretical base support by application methods by providing up-to-date curricula to teach computer science as a multifaceted, humanistic discipline of problem-solving. The study in the college is four years offering a bachelor degree in computer science.  the college strives to educate students to be successful in creating, sharing and applying knowledge in computer science, including all interdisciplinary areas.

Moreover, the college stimulates the staff to carry out scientific researches in computer and IT fields which have direct impacts upon the integrated development of the society as well as holding several scientific workshops, scientific programs and students exhibition. one of the college's tradition is arranging an annually scientific programming exhibition where students have the ability to create up-to-date projects with different specializations that contribute positively to the economic well-being of our region and nation.




Acting Dean

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