College of Engineering

Dean Speech

Dean Speech

College of Engineering is the major private provider of graduate in Architecture Engineering, computer and communication engineering with technical expertise, professional attitude and ethical values. The college strives to prepare talented, broadly educated engineers to serve the region, the country and the world by preserving technical education and conducting high quality research.

The college was established in July 2013. It includes two departments: Department of Architectural Engineering and Computer and Communication engineering, which offer the Bachelor Degree in Engineering. The college follows the strategies of offering undergraduate programs that integrate global awareness communication skills and team building, as well as preparing students for interdisciplinary engineering, research and advanced problem solving.  

The department of computer and communication Engineering aims at qualifying the graduate to become an engineer who has the ability to design, implement, maintain and operate all computer systems, as well as, dealing with the design and analysis of all communication systems. At the meantime, Architectural Engineering Department strives to prepare talented Architecture to be strong leader in the area of Design and creativity. The undergraduate program empowers students with integrated architecture and problem based design. It engages students in creating innovative design solution that consider environmental and sustainable Architecture. establishing a learning Environment consistent with Industry and community needs.

Dr.Layla Muhammed Raswol

Dean of Engineering College

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