College of Engineering

Vission,Mission and Goal

Vission,Mission and Goal


To be a world-class engineering college recognized for excellence, innovation, and the societal relevance and impact of its pursuits.


College Mission

Our mission is to produce creative and technically strong engineers and to research pioneering solutions to global challenges. We do this with an unprecedented commitment to integrating across engineering, sciences, arts, business, and other disciplines to yield transformative results.


Goal of the College 

The overarching objective of our engineering curriculum is to provide our students an education that enables them to be productive and fulfilled professionals throughout their careers. Our more specific, measurable objectives for graduates of our engineering curriculum are the following:

• Graduates recognise that they acquired a high-quality, rigorous technical education.

• Graduates recognise that they have acquired a broader body of knowledge, in addition to their technical knowledge, that allows them to understand the larger context of the problems that they must address during their career.

• Graduates use their technical foundation and their broader base of knowledge to be successful in a diverse collection of individual careers inside and outside of the engineering profession.

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