College of Engineering

Computer and Communications Engineering

Computer and Communications Engineering

Vision :

For those who are working in computer and communications engineering (CCE) field to be professional in their work. Hence , they will have the ability of planning, providing, designing the necessary jobs at their offices, factories and business fields. They will be able to combine the two modern engineering fields (computers and communications) to provide professional systems to the technology market. Graduates with a degree from the CCE department will have best job prospects in the following fields : Communication systems, mobile applications, smart microcontroller applications, operation for public and private telecom operators, design of network for financial services applications (banks, financial services center building societies ....etc., technical marketing including network design, telecommunications software development, software firms, and computer firms.


Mission :

The mission of the computer and communications engineering (CCE) department relates to all university programs that students prepare them to provide technology-requirements for providing new ideas, methods, changes and inventiveness. Instill in students an appreciation of learning and need to remain abreast of changing technology throughout their career. Students will be successfully able to integrate the fundamentals of computer and telecommunications engineering and design/realization practices to develop innovative solutions to complex technological  problems through creating an awareness of the persistent concepts in computing and their realization in current platforms and tools.

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