About Exhibition

The 4th annual exhibition of Architecture Department/University of Nawroz presents works of students of the second stage which based on the nutrition and development students and make them more absorbe the art of kurdish culture in Kurdistan and linking it to architecture in terms of the embodiment free works of art reflecting the ideas emanating from the heart of community with conteporary technical taste nder the supervision of professors specialized: Khalid Abdel Wahab Al-Naimi is a lecturer with a PHD from Sorbonne University in France and artist, Mr. Sirwan Shaker.

The aim of the exhibition is to create a beautiful relationship between architecture and Kurdish identity in kurdistan through art and to put ideas on paintings that are presented to the eyes of the society, showing the beauty of nature and people in addition to free works to diversify the artistic taste and to identify multiple methods to show ideas in the art of paintings

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