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In partnership with the Organization (UNDP), a technically advanced course in theory and science

In partnership with the Organization (UNDP), a technically advanced course in theory and science

Mr. Sirwan Shaker Rachid is a lecturer in the field of "free hand" at the University of Noorz, Faculty of Engineering, Department of Architecture, by opening theoretical and practical courses. The theory included the philosophy of art and its basic concepts and process. These concepts were applied in the drawing process in coordination with the United Nations Development Program "Which is a United Nations organization for the development of self-capacity through advanced programs, despite which Mr. Sirwan opened these courses for the purpose of presenting the concepts of peace and peaceful coexistence and the University of Noroz was its share in each session of the participation of some students and professors in this session, which lasted four months and each session Guaranteed five days.

The aim of these courses is to raise awareness about certain specific topics first and then to spread a mature awareness among university students, professors and other participants of the concept of humanity and to build feelings and feelings and then to apply them in practice to be more involved about the attachment to imagination and creativity and develop capacities towards a more humane future for a better society Values ​​and ideas and moral principles.

Five days were enough to change the prevailing perceptions of some that limit the development of imagination by explaining about the issue and its role in society and the ability of art to build a mature mature civilization. As Susan Laemes says, "It is impossible to build an advanced civilization without art." The program included, in the first hour, philosophical studies on art and three hours devoted to the implementation of their humanistic ideas and expression through artistic work. In particular, and humanity in general. After the end of each two sessions, a joint exhibition will be opened for these participants. Each session is five days, and each month there were two sessions and lasted for four months.

Here is the summary of the program "practical - theoretical"
First: Theoretical side:
The first day: study the art in detail of its functions, objectives and mission, and most of all, linking it to peace and peaceful coexistence.
Day 2: A detailed explanation of the concept of creativity in art.
Day 3: What is the concept of beauty? And becomes a world of peace and humanity.
How to be an idea and how to express it?
Day 5: Civilization and Urbanization.

Second: Practical side:
First day: A planning study on the concept of peace by lead.
Day 2: Watercolor drawing with Routerink or Soft.
Day 3: Put water colors as background and then draw them by charcoal.
Day 4: Make the paper cut a concept of peace and then stick to the high "collage".
Painted with oil or acrylic paint.

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