Vision, Mission, and Goals

The College's vision :-

Our vision is to make the College of Law and Politics a model college at the level of Iraq in general and the Kurdistan Region in particular, where the College seeks creativity and distinction by contributing to the improvement of the quality of education and scientific research at the highest levels of modern science.

The College's Mission in the Community :-

( we believe in justice to achieve equality between all sectors of society )

The Goals of the College :-

The college aims to achieve a number of things that are embodied in the following:

* To provide the community with an elite of qualified jurists capable of supporting the oppressed and achieving justice in an objective way far from any personal considerations.

* To prepare a politically cultured cadres capable of working in different branches of politics.

* Achieving effective connectivity between theory and practicein the fields of study in addition to providing an appropriate educational environment.

* The college discusses the most important political and legal problems of the community and works on finding suitable solutions to these problems in an academic and scientific way. And this through symposiums and conferences held by the College periodically.

*  To Provide the community with free legal advice and guide the citizens with limited income to the means of obtaining their rights and pleading for them through the legal clinic of the college.

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