Academic Program

Political Science

Stage 1, First Semester

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Academic DebateC031033
2Computer SkillsC030534
3General English LanguageC031233
4Introduction to Law StudiesC030933
5Introduction to Political SciencesC050733
6Kurdish Political StudiesC031133

Stage 1, Second Semester

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1History of International RelationsC030733
2Human Rights & Public FreedomsC030833
3Political Development in IraqC051133
4Principle of Political SciencesC050833
5Principles of Public AdministrationsC051033

Stage 2, First Semester

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Ancient Political ThoughtC031333
2Constitutional law(Theory of the State)C031433
3Mainstream Theories for International RelationsC051233
4Political Ideologies ( in English )C051333
5Political Problems in Asia, Africa, Latin AmericaC031733
6Public PoliciesC032033

Stage 2, Second Semester

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Constitution Law (Construction Theory)C051433
2Critical Theories Of International RelationsC051533
3International Economic RelationsC051833
4Medieval Political ThoughtC051633
5Political Sociology ScienceC031833

Stage 3, First Semester

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Comparative PoliticsC068333
2Foreign Policy IC068133
3Governments and Governance (in English)C068633
4Modern Political ThoughtC068533
5Principles of Political systemsC032833
6Public International Law IC068433

Stage 3, Second Semester

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Contemporary Political ThoughtC032233
2Foreign policy IIC068733
3International OrganizationsC068833
4Political EliteC069033
5Political Parties and Pressure GroupsC068933
6Public International law IIC076933

Stage 4, International Relations Department

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Diplomacy and NegotiationsC033063
2Foreign PolicyC033163
3Graduate Research ProjectC033221
4Islamic Political ThoughtC033342
5Media and Public OpinionC033842
6Political Systems in the Middle EastC033663
7Private International LawC033742
8Public Administration Political PerspectiveC077042

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