College of Law and Politics

Department of Political Sciences

About Political Sciences Department 

The Dept. of Political Sciences was established in the year 2012-2013 as one of the departments belonging to the College of Law and Politics. The name of this department was changed to the department of Political Science in 2019-2020. This department aims at preparing graduates who are legally and politically educated and able to work in the diplomatic field and its various branches. This department awards a bachelor degree in international relations after a period of study that 4 years.  The Dept. accepts student graduates of preparatory school, both scientific and literary branches.


The Department of Political Science - College of Law and Politics at Nowruz University has three main tasks that it seeks to accomplish, and formulates its mission and objectives according to them.

The Message:

The Department of Political Science at Nawroz University seeks to pursue scientific-academic excellence in: (Teaching, Research, and Counseling).

In the Research field, the Department seeks to develop Scientific Research in the field of Political Science to contribute to the activation of Political Institutions and their capabilities in the field of service provision, through the development of political theories and dissemination of their results to the largest possible number of specialists at the local and global levels.

In the field of Education, the Department aspires to train and qualify political science students to have the ability to evaluate and activate political institutions, and to enable students to continue and complete the mission of the Political Science Department.

The Aims:

The Department of Political Science at Nawroz University aims to achieve the following:

  • Teaching, Research and Extension in the main branches of political science.
  • Evaluation of the political process and political institutions through the two fields of Scientific Research and Education.
  • Encouraging Research in socio-political issues to contribute to the development of scientific analysis in the field of political science.
  • Training students in order to provide them with academic and professional capabilities.
  • Work to build a free, just and humane society.
  • Providing solutions to public problems according to scientific and political theories and approaches.



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