Vision,Mission and Goal


 To be a premier department in generating Computer programs.


College Mission

Since computer sciences are in persistent advancement, and nowadays, these sciences are implemented in all general and private sectors. This only indicates the significance of computer science and I.T department. Thus we are set to achieve our objectives of educating students through regional and international expert lecturers and instructors, and by developing advanced course books. The department of computer science has been established in 2005, which has been a base for establishing the college of computer science and I.T in 2009. The department of computer science has obliged with the guidelines of the ministry of higher education and scientific research since its establishment. Moreover, the college of computer science and I.T has gained scientific knowledge through providing scholarships for lecturers to study and take courses internationally in The United Kingdom, Ukraine, Turkey, Malaysia. Furthermore, the college has been provided with the latest and most advanced tools and laboratories for scientific purposes. on the other hand, the students in our department can have skills in developing mobile applications using both (Android and iOS), they can also develop a hardware-based system using (Arduino). These systems and applications have been implemented for the purpose of advancing and developing our society



  The Program Educational Objectives of the Department of  Multimedia and Graphic Design are to produce graduates who:

a) Provide students with a reliable and appropriate set of intellectual, analytical and practical tools such that

they can competently and professionally practice within the fields of computer science.

b) Enable students to gain exposure to various design methodologies used in designing and modeling and use

a range of multimedia applications and present them effectively.

c) Ensure students are well acquainted with graphics, animation, and computer vision.

d) Inspire students to excel in the field of computer modeling and to encourage improvisations and channeling.

of opinion in computer science through a creative and unique thinking process.
















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