College of Languages


Interaction.I / Reading and Writing

Course Code C0248 Th 3 Pr 3 CrHrs 6

Sentence ,Reading text,describing ,Writing ,Vocabulary,differences 

This course will prepare students for pursuing a career by developing appropriate reading and writing skills.  Various methods and forms of teaching are implemented to achieve the objectives of the course. A student-centred class is the basic method of teaching adopted to ensure the involvement of all the students in the learning process. Students will be asked to actively participate individually and in groups. Self-directed learning is another form of teaching that will be implemented, during the course, where students are required take control of their own learning by setting their own goals and evaluate their process.  


The aim of the current course is to help students develop various skills:

  1. Use reading strategies to comprehend challenging texts
  2. Understand a range of high frequency vocabulary in context with the help of reading strategies.
  3. Approach a writing task as a process of planning, outlining, drafting, revising, and editing

       4. Write simple cohesive paragraphs on familiar topics. Also write professional documents helping in the future            career.

ئەرکەکانی قوتابی

به‌رپرسیارێتی قوتابی سه‌باره‌ت به‌ کۆرسه‌که‌ :

ئاماده‌بوونی قوتابیان له‌ هەموو وانه‌کاندا
ئاماده‌بوونی قوتابیان له‌ هەموو تاقیکردنه‌وه‌کاندا
ئەنجامدانى ئەرکەکانى دواى دەوام وەک راپۆرت و ووتار نووسین

ڕێگه‌ی وانه‌‌ ووتنه‌وه‌

مامۆستا ڕێگه‌ی وانه‌‌ ووتنه‌وه‌ ئەم ئامرازە بکار دهێنت ‌:‌

داتاشۆ و پاوه‌رپۆینت.
ته‌خته‌ی سپی.

سیستەمی هه‌ڵسه‌نگاندن

جۆری هه‌ڵسه‌نگاندن (تاقیکردنه‌وه‌کان یان ئه‌زموونه‌کان) چه‌ند نمره‌ی له‌سه‌ره و چۆن نمره‌کان دابه‌شد‌کرا:

تاقیکردنه‌وه‌ی مانگانه ٣٠ نمره
کویزه‌کان ڕاپۆرت ووتار نووسین ٥ نمره
ئاماده‌نه‌بوونی خوێندکار له‌ پۆلدا. ٥ نمره
دوماهیک تاقیکردنه‌وه ٦٠ نمره
  1. Clandfield, L. (2013). Global. Oxford: Macmillan Education.
  2. Lee, L. And Gundersen, E. (2002) Select Readings. Oxford University Press, Oxford.
  3. Razzak, F.A., Al-Hassan, H. amd Al-Hamash, K.I. (2000). College Composition. Institute for the Development of English, Bahdad
  4. Zemach, D.E. and Rumisek, L.A. (2005). Academic Writing. From paragraph to essay. Macmillan Education, Oxford
  • Introduction: Sentence – basics;
  • Conjunctions; Punctuation Marks;
  • Paragraph writing –basic rules
  • Getting ideas
  • Approaching Reading - Reading skills
  • Unit One: Reading text: ‘The identity card’;
  • Vocabulary: describing a person, look & look like
  • Writing: Descriptive paragraph;
  • Vocabulary: recording new words and phrases and using dictionary
  • Speaking & Reading: ‘CCTV is watching you’
  • Reading: "Some language but different"
  • Writing a personal description
  • Reading: "Are you getting enough sleep" – context clues, pre-reading
  • Unit 3: Reading " The power of music"
  • Unit Four: Vocabulary: adjectives & synonyms; Reading: ‘When I grow up’
  • Unit Four: Reading: ‘Things will get worse’, Vocabulary: phrasal verbs with get;
  • Writing an email : informal and formal style
  • Reading: "Tonic Water, Please" (scanning, making  inferences, understanding prefixes, connecting ideas)
  • Writing description
  • Unit Five: Vocabulary: Work and Job; Reading and speaking: ‘Profile of an Indian call centre worker’;
  • Vocabulary: leisure
  • Writing : leisure activities
  • Writing a CV
  • Unit Five: Writing a CV; Unit Six: Writing, Speaking & Reading: Happiness; Vocabulary: Metaphors for happy
  • Reading:"Cell phones: Hang Up or Keep Talking? (differences between the facts and opinion; pronoun references
  • Writing: listing advantages and disadvantages.
  • Unit Six:; Vocabulary: suffix & compound nouns; Reading: ‘Going, going, gone’
  • Unit Six: Language focus: ‘and’, ‘so’, ‘because’, Writing: describing advantageous and disadvantageous;
  • Presentation (3 marks)
  • Unit Seven: Vocabulary and Speaking: time; Reading: ‘A brief history of time zones’
  • Unit Seven: Vocabulary: money’ borrow and lend; Reading :’A different kind of bank' Writing: giving an opinion
  • Unit 8: Writing a description of a town
  • Unit 10: Vocabulary: places; Reading: 'New paces in a new world'; Writing a report
  • General Revision