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Graduate Project

Course Code C0273 Th 2 Pr 2 CrHrs 4


Research , Dedication , Abstract , Writing Value , Reviewing 

It is expected that students will be familiar with the methods of research and the topics of much relevance to a research project in such a way that helps them to write their research projects with ease and efficiency.


The teaching of this course is expected to help students to

know what research is, its main types, characteristics, and tools,

be familiar with the steps to be followed in carrying out a research work, and

know the way that a research work is organized in terms of its different aspects.


ئەرکەکانی قوتابی

به‌رپرسیارێتی قوتابی سه‌باره‌ت به‌ کۆرسه‌که‌ :

ئاماده‌بوونی قوتابیان له‌ هەموو وانه‌کاندا
ئاماده‌بوونی قوتابیان له‌ هەموو تاقیکردنه‌وه‌کاندا
ئەنجامدانى ئەرکەکانى دواى دەوام وەک راپۆرت و ووتار نووسین

ڕێگه‌ی وانه‌‌ ووتنه‌وه‌

مامۆستا ڕێگه‌ی وانه‌‌ ووتنه‌وه‌ ئەم ئامرازە بکار دهێنت ‌:‌

داتاشۆ و پاوه‌رپۆینت.
ته‌خته‌ی سپی.

سیستەمی هه‌ڵسه‌نگاندن

جۆری هه‌ڵسه‌نگاندن (تاقیکردنه‌وه‌کان یان ئه‌زموونه‌کان) چه‌ند نمره‌ی له‌سه‌ره و چۆن نمره‌کان دابه‌شد‌کرا:

تاقیکردنه‌وه‌ی مانگانه ٣٠ نمره
کویزه‌کان ڕاپۆرت ووتار نووسین ٥ نمره
ئاماده‌نه‌بوونی خوێندکار له‌ پۆلدا. ٥ نمره
دوماهیک تاقیکردنه‌وه ٦٠ نمره

Dawson, C. (2002). Practical Research Methods. New Delhi: UBS Publishers’ Distributors’ Education.

Kothari, C. R. (1985). Research Methodology-Methods and Techniques. New Delhi; Wiley Eastern Limited.

  • Definition of Research / Characteristics of research
  • Designing the Cover of the Research Project
  • Writing the Dedication and the Acknowledgement
  • Writing the Abstract and Table of Contents
  • Writing the Table of Contents/ List of Tables and Figures
  • Writing the List of Abbreviations and the Introduction
  • Selecting a Topic/ Considerations in Selecting a Topic
  • Steps in Selecting a Topic
  • Setting the Aims of the Research/ Definition of Aims
  • Types of Aims/ Wording of Aims/ Writing the Aims
  • Wring the Limits (The Scope) of the Research
  • Writing Value of the Research
  • Writing the Definition of Basic Terms
  • Reviewing the Literature/ Definition and Procedures
  • Searching for Existing Literature/ The Sources of Searching
  • The Sources of Searching: Books, Journals, The Net
  • Reviewing the Selected Literature
  • Developing An Outline (A Research Plan)
  • Functions of Reviewing the Literature:
  • Functions Concerning the Research Topic
  • Functions Concerning the Research Methodology
  • Functions of Reviewing the Literature:
  • Functions Concerning the Researcher’s Knowledge
  • Functions Concerning the Research Findings
  • Writing the Conclusion of the Research
  • Writing the Suggestions for Further Research
  • Documentation
  • Documentation
  • Practical researches:
  • Writing the Problem to be Investigated + Research Questions
  • Writing the Hypothesis(es)
  • Definition of the Hypothesis(es)
  • Construction of the Hypothesis(es) /Functions of the Hypothesis(es)
  • Writing the Procedure and Data Collection
  • Writing the Population and the Sample of the research
  • Research Instruments
  • The Questionnaire:
  • Definition of the Questionnaire /Answering the Questionnaire
  • Types of the Questionnaire
  • 1.Closed-Ended Questionnaires
  • 2.Open-Ended Questionnaires
  • 3.Combination of Closed Ended and Open-ended Questuionnaites
  • Construction of the Questionnaire/ Piloting the Questionnaire
  • Data Analysis and Discussion of Results / Recommendations