IT Center

The modest start for this center was in 2007 as a maintenance unit, which was in charge of a building with two laboratories and around 100 computers. Currently, the center is responsible for maintaining, operating and installing any electronic equipment in five faculties located on two campuses of the university. The university buildings contain different types of laboratories (computer, simulation kits, sound and desktop virtualization system) with smart interactive whiteboards. In addition, the center is responsible for the university computer network, which is the backbone of the Internet service, the security access systems and other systems. Moreover, the center has a role in educating and introducing the modern office tools to the university staff and the public through workshops and training courses. The staff members of the center are multitalented individuals with degrees in different fields (communication, computer, electronic, electric and software engineering). Currently, the center is working with different companies (foreign and local) to modernize and upgrade the current working systems besides making sure that the university has all the up-to-date equipment and technologies to establish itself as a contemporary institution. Future work, the center has three projects to accomplish this year. First, broadcasting the university events (seminars, conferences, workshops and lectures) live on the university website. The Second project is adding video conferencing feature to the university network. The third one is to update the outdated absence enquiry system for the students using touch screens integrated with card readers, that will read the student university card. 

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