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About the Directorate of International Relations at Nawroz University:

The Directorate of International Relations at Nawroz University plays a significant role in fostering global engagement, promoting intercultural understanding, and facilitating international collaborations of the university. Our aim is to provide a platform for students, faculty, and staff to broaden their horizons, develop a global perspective, and contribute to the advancement of knowledge through international partnerships, collaborations, and exchanges.

The Directorate of International Relations serves as a bridge between Nawroz University and the global academic community. We aim to facilitate international partnerships, student mobility programs, faculty exchanges, and collaborative research initiatives. Our purpose is to cultivate an international mindset, nurture intercultural competence, and provide support to students and faculty seeking international academic and research opportunities.

Our mission is to enhance the international profile of Nawroz University by facilitating academic, research, and cultural collaborations with renowned institutions worldwide. We strive to promote cross-cultural dialogue, exchange programs, and global opportunities that enrich the educational experience and contribute to the personal and professional growth of our university community.

Our vision is to establish Nawroz University internationally as a hub of academic excellence, known for its diverse and inclusive environment that fosters multiculturalism and diversity in the Kurdistan region. We envision a university where students, faculty, and staff engage in meaningful cross-cultural experiences, leading to mutual understanding, innovation, and positive societal impact.


Collaboration, Diversity and Inclusions, Excellence


The Directorate of International Relations engages in various activities to fulfill its mission and objectives. These include:

1. Developing and maintaining partnerships with international universities and organizations.
2. Facilitating student exchange programs, study abroad opportunities, and international internships.
3. Supporting faculty and staff mobility for teaching, research, and professional development purposes.
4. Organizing international conferences, seminars, and workshops to foster intellectual exchange and collaboration.
5. Providing guidance and assistance to international students, ensuring a smooth transition and enriching academic experience.
6. Managing international funds that support students and faculty in pursuing international academic and research endeavors.
7. Promoting intercultural events and activities to celebrate diversity and create a welcoming environment for international students and visitors.
8. Acting as a resource center for information on international programs, opportunities, and scholarships.
9. Facilitating the establishment and management of joint academic programs and research projects with international partners.
10. Providing guidance and support for internationalization efforts at the university (both academically and professionally), including curriculum development, international accreditation, and quality assurance.

Contact information:
Email Address: [email protected]
Director Yasa Masood Saleem

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