Administrative and Economic Consultancy Bureau

The Office of Scientific Consultations was established at the Dept. of Economics/ Duhok University College on 2/18/2008. The main aim behind the establishment of the office is to enhance the University relationship with the society so as to bring about the objectives of the productive university in terms of development, training and administrative, financial and economic consulting. The main tasks of the office are  the feasibility studies, preparation of budgets for public and private companies, and the running of training courses to raise the employees’ level of efficiency in public and private sectors. The objectives behind establishing the Office can be summed up in the following points:

  1. Raising the level of economic and administrative culture in society.
  2. Providing expertise and scientific advice to solve problems and overcome difficulties through professors of long experience and high efficiency in setting development plans.
  3. Providing different sectors of the state with a  high level of specialized advice and expertise.
  4. Enhancing the experience of faculty members in the professional and applied fields.
  5. Setting training programs to qualify employees to meet the needs of organizations in the financial, banking, accounting, insurance, computer and administrative fields.
  6. Providing economic and technical feasibility studies on projects with profitability and economic return.
  7. Providing projects with the required environmental impact assessment studies.
  8. Providing technical assistance and consultancy services to qualify companies to obtain quality certificate.
  9. Carrying out Statistical analysis programs for research and studies.
  10. Conducting a field survey to identify, arrange and schedule research opportunities.

Since its establishment, the office has conducted so many  consulting works that fall within its specialization  and according to the required scientific specifications. Examples are the evaluation of economic projects through agreements with international scientific institutions and local specialized scientific advisory staff specialized in various financial, economic and administrative  sciences and the provision of academic advice to many ministries and institutions. Also, following are some prominent advisory works done by the Office of  Scientific Consolations:

  1. The agenda of the economic sectors in Kurdistan Region with the International Organization / Center for International Private Enterprise(CIPE), one of the organizations of the international community, and in three languages ​​(Kurdish, Arab, English). The study was performed by a group of professors who reviewed the Editing and Output of the agenda.
  2. A Study the reality of the Iraqi economy with reference to the parallel sector. The study was prepared through cooperation with the Center for International Private Enterprise (CIPE).
  3. A feasibility study on Swartoka Tourism Project prepared for the private sector.
  4. A feasibility study on the opening of Fajin Private Hospital in Duhok Governorate.
  5. A set of Technical and Economic Feasibility Studies on the opening of a branch of Nawroz University in Zakho District.
  6. A technical and economic feasibility study on the project of opening a bank on Nawroz University campus.
  7. A technical and economic feasibility study on the project of opening a primary school and a kindergarten in Erbil.
  8. A feasibility study to evaluate the annual performance efficiency of Nawroz University.
  9. The Office has been conducting studies concerning the employment of academic and scientific experiences of professors, the development of the practice of professional work and the achievement of a high level of economic, financial and administrative consultations in various branches and disciplines related to the College of Administration and Economics.



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