The Center of Gender Equality (CGE)

The Center of Gender Equality (CGE) is an academic center established in 2015 by the decision of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research – KRG for the rights of women, empowering those without a voice, and challenging inequality.


  • Contribute to the process of developing the existing curriculum by introducing women and gender studies to members of teaching staff, researchers, and students
  • Broaden the scope of teaching and improve its quality by introducing the analytical concept of gender and gendered violence as well as relevant theories and research methods linked to gender studies and social work
  • Increase the research capacity of scholars and students linked to the Research Centers at Kurdistan Institution for Strategic Studies and Scientific Research (KISSR) through the introduction of analytical concepts as well as qualitative research methods crucial to gender studies
  • Increase sensitivity and awareness about gender issues in general and about gendered violence both within the higher education sector as well as within society more widely
  • Contribute to improving the opportunities for and representation of female professionals in the Iraqi Kurdish higher education sector.


The Center of Gender Equality (CGE) is concerned with women’s rights, empowers voiceless people, and opposes injustice.

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