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Feb. 28, 2017, 6:19 a.m.

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Springing from the university message and vision which shape its strategy, Nawroz University aims to:

Firstly: Preparing specialized and scientific cadres capable of working in the government institutions in general and the region's institutions in private .These cadres are qualified to enter the labor market to meet its requirements and needs through their commitment to the international quality standards.   

Secondly: Contribution in developing a stimulating environment for the scientific research and invention through annual researches plans to support and encourage conducting studies and scientific field researches as well especially those regarding the community.

Thirdly: Strengthening the relation with the community and promoting the cooperation with the different community institutions for constructing joint projects and contributing in solving the community's problems as well through the scientific consultations bureaus in the university.


The university represents the heart center of brilliance and effectiveness in the society. Yet, it should not truckle to the customs and traditions of the social environment, but hold the initiative of change and impression. Therefore, it is obligatory for the university to direct the overall processes of education and scientific activities to serve the society and releasing the capabilities of reformation and buildup that are based on the morality system in which its axis is loyalty and perfection in science and practice through laying out the foundations of awareness, discipline, identity and expanding the  students' recognition  who is well-proficient in his fine field of specialization and able to enter the labor market equipped to deal with the sciences surroundings. 


The university is committed to three fundamental commitments linked to represent the character of the university features. These commitments are intuitive requirements and duties of the professional well-known in every university, it only takes ample space of the university's interest

First: campus security with sanctity, regarding its contents belonging and honor of the profession

Second: the literary and moral obligation to the administrator of the pillars of the teaching process (section scientific - teaching) in the sanctity of the joints and practical tools (course - scheduled sources - Lecture - exams and systems of measurement and evaluation)

Third: strict adherence to the management of the affairs of the teaching process (lectures agenda - the presence of the departure of the teaching staff and students - learning environment)