Engineering and Sustainability Affairs

 The Operations and Maintenance Department works to extend the life of University buildings, protect and maintain University assets, assist with construction projects and promote environmental sustainability

Maintenance is responsible for:

1-Conduct the necessary engineering statements for the purpose of sustainability and construction on the campus and all investment buildings which will built late

2 - Organization of tables of quantities and the calculation of the estimated cost amounts required (BOQ)

3 - Supervising the implementation of maintenance work and the submission of periodic reports thereon with the work of final measurement for completed works and the formation of committees for this purpose

4- Fire protection systems

5- Technical support services to all departments

6- Overseeing the servicing and repair of all elevators on campus.


This division also undertakings the tasks of organizing, maintaining and supervising all communications within the university as well as securing oil, grease and fuel for vehicles and mechanisms and controlling the process of disbursement according to the approved regulations and supervising and reporting on the maintenance work of Vehicles and the affiliated mechanisms

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