College of Engineering


The College of Engineering was established at Nawroz University in July, 2013. It includes the Department of Computer and Communications Engineering and the Department of Architecture.

 Engineering College at Nawroz University is an integrated departments comprised of the best academics, staff and students from country. we deliver practical outcomes for society by a professional academic studies .The college aims to do what is the best for the student to get good results for their future career , engage with real issues and make a difference and give solutions in future.


Latest News

Quality Publication
Carbon Fiber  Reinforced Polymer (CFRP)
1st Computer&Communication Dep. Symposium:  Engineering Innovations Elevate Us
Exhibition drawing
Engineering Innovations Elevate Us
Invitation to an art exhibition presented by Mr. Seerwan Shakir
Meeting with the first stage
Urban Thinkers Campus
Discussion Panel
Parametric Architecture
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