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Quick Facts

Nawroz University was initially named "College of Duhok University" when it was founded in 2004 by the Syndicate of Economists in Duhok Governorate, with the approval of the Prime Minister of the Iraqi Kurdistan Region on July 20, 2004.

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We believe in education to release the capabilities of reformation and buildup.


To be recognized as a university of high quality in the region.


Nawroz University seeks to

1. meet the cultural needs of Kurdistan through commitment to the educational, technological, and economic development of the society.

2. contribute to the advancement of knowledge through quality teaching and research.


Goal #1: Provide high-quality and broad-based education.


1. maintain quality and meet standards in teaching and learning.

2. recruit and retain qualified and dedicated faculty and support staff.

3. provide faculty development support and research opportunities.

Goal #2: Provide modern facilities, resources, and support services


1. maintain the use of modern instructional support facilities and services.

2. create a healthy and attractive academic environment.

Goal #3: Preserve and promote Kurdish values and culture.


1. integrate the Kurdish culture, heritage and values into academic disciplines.

Goal #4:  Contribute to the society and community development through appropriate activities.


1. participate actively in community events.

2. improve communication channels for alumni and employers with NZU.

3. offer continuing education opportunities for learners in the community.

Core Values

1- Heritage:

NZU works to catch up with developments in the world while preserving the national heritage.

2- Ethics:

NZU fosters openness, honesty, and fairness in social and moral, as well as academic matters.

3- Commitment to quality:

NZU applies principles of self-evaluation and continuous improvement to fulfil its goals and mission.

4- Responsibility:

NZU serves Kurdistan society through quality teaching and learning, applied research, and continuing education programs.

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