Nawroz Pedagogy Training Centre  

Director: Dr.Hussein Ali Ahmed

Phone: 07502189888

Email: [email protected]

Center of training and university teaching methods at Nawroz was established in accordance to a ministerial order by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the Kurdistan region of Iraq No. (26549) dated on (12/14/2014) and in accordance to the order issued by Nawroz University No. (837) dated on (03/29/2015) the center of educational and training is an establishment aims to raise the scientific and performative level of teaching staff and management at the university and outside, the center aims at:

1.The center of training and teaching methods is considered as one of important centers in our university, as it plays a scientific and educational role through contributing to the development of the professionalism of faculty members and giving them many skills related to the process of teaching, especially newly recruited.

2.The training program for teaching methods contains theoretical and practical lectures in the areas of the modalities of university teaching using modern methods and standards in order to raise the level of university education and the development of the teaching staff skills in the use and practicing of information technology and communication in the university education system, and the preparation of rehabilitation and training programs in various scientific disciplines for the faculty and staff of the university and organizing seminars, workshops, and communicating with different segments of society.

3.Developing human, administrative, professional and Academic resources at the university and providing training services to various segments of society through continuity in the modernization and development of training resources and training methods as appropriate to the latest developments and the needs of the local community.

4.Integration between formal education and continuous education through the use of integrated approaches, methods and closer relations with the bodies of scientific and productive departments and scientific societies that put human resources development among its objectives, in order to develop human resources scientifically, professionally and administratively. In addition to conducting host studies related to the reality of daily life for people with different professions and to identify areas that need training and development. Also organizing scientific, cultural and educational programs for the various segments of society, according to its request and needs.

5.Organizing training, rehabilitation and development courses in various disciplines of universities and the training of the trainees on the use of information technology and communications in learning and education, scientific research and professional work.

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