The aim of the workshop is to try to verify economic relations and to make sense of their logic in representing the complex reality expressed by economic theory in the form of hypotheses. The use of advanced standard methods seeks to measure economic relations and analyze them on the integration of economic theory, mathematics and statistical methods in an integrated model, in order to evaluate the parameters of this model and then to test assumptions about a certain economic phenomenon and finally to predict the values ​​of this phenomenon, College and graduate students, this can be summarized by:
• Test and validate new economic theories and weighting between conflicting and homogeneous theories and work on decision making, through policy development. Note that the great and rapid development in the field of electronic computers, which enabled the expansion of economic models to include a large number of variables after that was limited to theoretical analysis. It is now possible to estimate the constants of a model consisting of several hundred equations, test the validity of theoretical economic models and their relevance to complex reality and the availability of economic statistics in larger quantities and with better accuracy. It constitutes the primary material for scientific research in econometrics

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