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World Human Rights Day

World Human Rights Day

Human Rights Day

  • Within the scope of the University's involvement with the community, the commemoration of International Human Rights Day was organized in the Law Department of the Faculty of Law and Politics at the University of Noorz in coordination with the Monde Association for Samawah and for the period 10-12-2018.

Objectives of the activity

  • The establishment of many activities on the occasion of the commemoration of the commemoration of World Human Rights Day.
  • View some of the paintings on this day.

Axes of activity

  • Read many statements commemorating the commemoration of World Human Rights Day, in addition to the launch of 4 white bathrooms and the presentation of some posters of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

The Preparatory Commission

  • Dr. Sardar Emadeldin Mohamed Sa'id as President
  • Haval sadyq  Ismail Member
  • Dr. Mohammed Hassan Khamo Member
  • Hersh Fadel Shaker Member
  • Yasin Ismail Abdullah is a member
  • Hersh Rushd Director of the organization
  • Dilshad Ahmed Mohi Aldin Member
  • First Mahmoud Mahmoud, Media Representative

برشور نشاط الفني الثاني

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