Nawroz University Students Secure First Place for a Remarkable Project

A trio of promising students from Nawroz University—Kazia Nizar, Rawan Farzand, and Yunus Alikhan—actively took part in the prestigious professional thinking training camp, CAPAI, hosted by the American University of Kurdistan in Duhok. Demonstrating exceptional prowess, their dedicated efforts culminated in a remarkable triumph as they clinched the top position for their inventive project.

The brainchild of these accomplished Nawroz University students involved the creation of an innovative air purification device aptly named "O7," also known as "Smart Containers." Driven by the power of algae, this ingenious contrivance was meticulously developed to cleanse the urban air milieu. The genesis of this project, as articulated by one of the participants, stemmed from the escalating environmental pollution trajectory witnessed in the cities of the Kurdistan Region, exacerbated by a notable scarcity of green spaces amidst the urban architectural landscape.

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