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Christmas Day Activity

Christmas Day Activity

Christmas Day Activity

Within the framework of the university's interaction with the segments of society, the Law and International Relations Department at the University of Noroz, in collaboration with the Mond Equality Organization, organizes the activities of Christ's birthday day and presents gifts to the children living and displaced in Siji village on 26/12/2018.

Objectives of the activity

  • Distribute Christmas Gifts.
  • To do some activities that brought joy and joy in them.
  • Closer the link between the university and the community by sharing such celebrations and events.

The Preparatory Commission

  • D.r. Avin Khalid Abdulrahman                                president
  • D.r. Sardar Emadeldin Mohammed Saeed         Member
  • D.r. Haval sadyq  Ismail                                                   Member
  • A.T.Yasin Ismail Abdullah                                                Member

برشور نشاط الفني الاول


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