College of Administration and Economics


Principles of Accounting I

Course Code C0066 Th 3 Pr 3 CrHrs 3

Function, Logarithmic , Matrices, linear equations, Derivative, Integration, Elasticity 

This course introduces accounting as economics language for beginning accounting students. The course explains the importance of accounting at both individuals and businesses level. This course includes topics such as accounting equation, accounting cycle, financial statements, recording & reporting accounting information

Education Aims:  to provide a sound basis in the fundamentals of mathematical methods used in economics; to develop the ability to represent economic problems as mathematical problems and to solve them.

ئەرکەکانی قوتابی

به‌رپرسیارێتی قوتابی سه‌باره‌ت به‌ کۆرسه‌که‌ :

ئاماده‌بوونی قوتابیان له‌ هەموو وانه‌کاندا
ئاماده‌بوونی قوتابیان له‌ هەموو تاقیکردنه‌وه‌کاندا
ئەنجامدانى ئەرکەکانى دواى دەوام وەک راپۆرت و ووتار نووسین

ڕێگه‌ی وانه‌‌ ووتنه‌وه‌

مامۆستا ڕێگه‌ی وانه‌‌ ووتنه‌وه‌ ئەم ئامرازە بکار دهێنت ‌:‌

داتاشۆ و پاوه‌رپۆینت.
ته‌خته‌ی سپی.

سیستەمی هه‌ڵسه‌نگاندن

جۆری هه‌ڵسه‌نگاندن (تاقیکردنه‌وه‌کان یان ئه‌زموونه‌کان) چه‌ند نمره‌ی له‌سه‌ره و چۆن نمره‌کان دابه‌شد‌کرا:

تاقیکردنه‌وه‌ی مانگانه ٣٠ نمره
کویزه‌کان ڕاپۆرت ووتار نووسین ٥ نمره
ئاماده‌نه‌بوونی خوێندکار له‌ پۆلدا. ٥ نمره
دوماهیک تاقیکردنه‌وه ٦٠ نمره
1-      Thomas' Calculus (11th Edition) by Thomas Jr., George B., Weir, Maurice D., Hass, Joel R., Gior published by Pearson (2007).
2-       The foundation of Mathematics , by  Ian StewartDavid Tall , Oxford science publications,  2000
3-       فتحي خليل حمدان , الرياضيات للعلوم الادارية و المالية , دار وائل للنشر , عمان , 2006

Chapter One: Basic Concepts on Set Theory

Intervals and its Operations

Chapter Two: Exponential Function

Polynomial Functions

Chapter Three: linear and Quadratic Functions

Chapter Four: Logarithmic Function

Chapter Five: Matrices  and Types of Matrices

Operation on Matrices and Determinant of Matrix

Inverse of Matrix and System of linear equations

Chapter Six: Introduction to Derivative

Rules of  Derivative

Chapter Seven: Introduction to integration

Rules of  Integration

Supply and Demand Equilibrium

Elasticity of Demand

Elasticity of Supply

Introduction to Macroeconomics

Theory and Policy

Macroeconomic Measuring