Dean Speech :

The success of the College of Administration and Economics at Nawroz University is the outcome of hard work, efforts and cooperation by the University Presidency represented by the President of the University and his Assistants on one hand and the members of the College Council, and the teaching and administrative staff on the other hand. This quite vividly reflects the academic and administrative events set in the planned for programs that aim at accomplishing the tasks, and hence fulfilling the needs of the College. It further reflects the strategy adopted by the College Deanery to implement the comprehensive quality standards so as to prepare qualified graduates capable of taking over leadership and equipped with the required knowledge, skills and values ​​to practice their professional life at both private and public institutions in a highly effective manner, and simultaneously attending to the values,  standards and ethics for promoting practical reality.

The College, as a result of fulfilling the basic requirements, also endeavours to open postgraduate programmes to award both M.A. and Ph.D. certificates . Additionally, the College offers undergraduate programmes, both morning and evening, in the specializations of economics, finance, banking, accounting, business administration and tourism. The adoption of such a philosophy by the College of Administration and Economics aims, in the main, at having its distinguished status as a main and fundamental pillar at Nawroz University. This is why the College should create its students' awareness of the scientific concepts and develop their cognitive and personal skills.


                                                                      Allah Grant Success


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