Architecture Department

 About the Department

The Dept. of Architecture Engineering was established in July 2013 which follows College of Engineering at Nawroz University. The first batch of students were accepted in the academic year 2013-2014 as a means to receive the Bachelor degree in Architecture Engineering. The Dept. always aspires towards constant improvement and development in the domains of education and research. It further aims at preparing specialized engineering cadre in architecture and developing the engineering capabilities so as to bring about a sustainable building in a way that maintains the local cultural heritage as well as keeping up with international developments. Such staff are also expected to have distinguishing capabilities to carry out their tasks in terms of preparing designs and drawings of housing, administrative, educational and health projects side by side with working in supervision and follow ups. They are further able to prepare general drawings of the urban and rural areas and those of cities, etc. This is all in the aims of having graduates who are quite efficient in their taste and aesthetic feelings. Building is an amalgamation of both science and art. As such the study at the Dept. focuses on both sides. The period of study is 5 years and the language of instruction is English. Only graduates of the scientific branch, preparatory schools are admitted to the Dept.

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