Nawroz University Launches Engineering Consulting Bureau

In a distinguished ceremony graced by the presence of Nawroz University's President (Prof. Dr. Abduwahab Khalid Mosa), the Deputy President of the Engineers Syndicate in Kurdistan (Salah al-Din Fakhri), the Deputy Governor of Duhok (Majid Sayed Saleh), and various dignitaries from governmental departments and civil institutions, an Engineering Consulting Bureau was inaugurated at Nawroz University's campus.

During the same event, a memorandum of understanding was signed between Nawroz University and the Engineers Syndicate in Kurdistan, aiming to fortify collaborative efforts between the two entities. The President of Nawroz University expressed unwavering support for the Bureau's activities, which are poised to benefit the Kurdistan Region and advance its engineering sector.

The Deputy President of Engineers in Kurdistan conveyed his satisfaction with Nawroz University's proactive step and affirmed his commitment to execute the memorandum's provisions very soon.

Following the memorandum signing and the exchange of university and syndicate emblems, the Engineering Consulting Bureau was formally inaugurated on the university campus.

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