College of Engineering

Development of Cooperative Program and Research

Development of Cooperative Program and Research

College of Engineering in Nawroz University cooperating with the  Udine University did its workshop on 31th March 2019 at 10:00 am in the Kurdistan hall of Nawroz University. The workshop's title was (Development of Cooperative Program and Research), which was aboutSigning an (MoU) Memorandum of Understanding , The purpose of this Memorandum is to promote cooperation between the two institutions in field of Higher Education through development of cooperative teaching programs and researches, and exchange of students as well as academic staff for short period. The first activity was participating of 15 students and two lectures on the international Summer School conducted on (August 26 to September 1 / 2018) on the field of Engineering and computer Sciences. This workshop is to continuing the cooperation and development of new joint programs.  . The event was attended by the dean of the Engineering College in Nawroz University "Dr Layla Muhammad Rasoul", Associate prof. Dr. Anna Frangipane and  Associate prof. Dr. Federico Fontana .





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