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Grammar.III Basic Grammatical Structures

Course Code C0256 Th 3 Pr 3 CrHrs 3

This course contains basic information related to grammatical structures (phrases and clauses) and rules that are essential for the students to acquire through the process of learning English in this academic stage. These basic structures are practiced through written exercises and oral practice.

         The objectives of this grammar course are to develop and raise the standards of students in writing and speaking so that they achieve good communication with others through the usage of a better grammar.



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Internet Grammar sites.


Time and Tense Revision, Past simple, Past continuous, Past perfect,

Present simple, Present continuous Present Perfect,

Future simple, Future continuous, future perfect

Passive : Revision in past, present & future


Phrases : Types: VP

Transitivity of verbs: Transitive verbs, Intransitive verbs, Complex transitive

Linking verbs

Np: Forms

NP:Functions : S.,O.,

DO/IO compareDwith OC (OP)

Adj.& Adv. Ph.s

Appositive Ph.- Prepositional Ph.