Language Center

Center for Languages and Translation /College of Languages/Nawroz University


The center aspires to become one of the active centers in language teaching in the Kurdistan Region. It aims to activate the University role in developing the community. It also hopes to take part in developing higher education in the region and providing revenues for the university.


The center runs intensive language courses to meet the needs of university and other educational institutions in the region, especially English language courses because English is the most commonly used language in education and training and references. The center also translates documents and memorandums. It also evaluates the periodicals and theses of Nawroz university.
The center offers course in the following languages:
2- Kurdish
3- Arabic
Upon completion of the course, the Center awards a certificate to the successful participants.

3. Aims

1- To organize English language courses for university staff, including English for academic purposes, English language skills
2- To run Special English Course to prepare students for TOEFL and ILETS exams and English language proficiency exams.
3- To offer training courses for staff and students applying for higher studies abroad to help them adapt linguistically and culturally.
4- To offer courses in English languages for students who want to improve their English so as to be able to benefit from references and write academic papers in English.
5- To offer courses in English language for employees of both public and private sectors.
6- To run courses for members of the local community who want to learn English.
7- To run courses of Kurdish language for university staff.
8- To run Arabic language courses for community members.
9- To translate documents, memoranda ,catalogues and website information. 
10- To review and edit theses and periodicals issued by university.
11- To cooperate with other language centers in Kurdistan and Iraq and exchange experience in the field of language teaching.

4-Center Administration

1-    Center director ( holding a high degree in teaching methods or applied linguistics.
2- Heads of units 
3- Teaching staff
4- Administration staff
The board of the center is headed by the Dean and includes the center director and representatives of the English, Kurdish and Arabic departments.

5- The Duties of the Board

  1-To prepare plans and programs
  2-    To propose budgets
  3-    To  name teaching staff
  4-    To buy textbooks and other requirements of the center
     The board submits its decisions, proposals and recommendations to the president of the University for approval.

6- The Units of the Center

1-    Unit of Languages: it is responsible for English language courses, TOEFL and IELTS courses, Kurdish language courses and Arabic courses.
2-     Translation Unit : It is responsible for translating books, documents and abstracts.
3-    Unit of linguistic evaluation of  theses and periodicals
4-    Accounting Unit

 7- Regulations

The courses are planned according to the level of participants.
Students are expected to attend classes regularly and punctually.  
The courses run during the academic year ; summer courses are offered in case of need.


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