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Course Code C0262 Th 3 Pr 3 CrHrs 3

This course is designed for intermediate and post intermediate level of English who need to develop and improve their writing and research skills in English as a foreign language .It is based on the process approach to writing, though it combines other approaches like the product approach  to help and develop leaners’ self confidence in their writing ,enable them to write and develop critical thinking skills .

The course will cover the following topics: Paragraph writing revision , the structure of an essay, writing a thesis statement , outlining an essay , writing introductions and conclusions , unity and coherence, writing different kinds of academic essays. The course will also attempts to develop learners’ critical thinking skills through discussions and writing.


The objectives of this course include principles and practices of writing academic essays. In order to achieve these objectives, learners will learn how to identify and outline the structure and parts of essays through process writing that ultimately help them write coherent and unified academic essays and research.  It is hoped that students can transfer their academic essay writing skills to writing in other disciplines and areas of study.

By the end of the course it is aimed and expected that students will be able to:

1.  define  the main parts of the academic essay in English.

2. outline the academic essay in English.

3. identify and write a thesis statement with sub- points.

4. identify and write the body paragraphs of the academic essay in English.

5. write a conclusion of the academic essay in English.

6. write a unified and coherent academic essay in English with different genres .

7. develop critical thinking skills that help them transfer their academic knowledge and ability of writing to life beyond the classrooms.

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Academic Writing from Paragraph to Essay by Dorothy E Zemach and Lisa A Rumisek ( 2003) Macmillan


Folse , Keith S. , Elena V. Solomon and David Clabeaux. (2010) . From Great Paragraphs togreat Essays .(3) .HEINLE CENGAGE learning


Introduction – process writing approach

The structure of an essay – Writing practice

Definition of essay – Writing practice

Formatting an essay – Writing practice

Writing a thesis statement – Writing practice

Outlining an essay – Writing practice

The purpose of an outline – Writing practice

Writing an outline – Writing Practice

Evaluating an outline – Writing practice

Introductions and conclusions – Writing practice

The introduction – Writing practice

How to write strong introduction – Writing practice

The conclusion – Writing practice

Writing introduction and conclusions with practice