Vision, Mission & Goals


Efficiently and effectively manage and cope with future challenges by the continuing development of human resources with intelligence, skills and leadership qualities


Nawroz University seeks to:

  • Preserve its leading position and history in the area through the adoption of scientific research, primarily in addressing community and market needs;
  • Keeping abreast of technological and scientific advances and a constant openness to their local and global environment; and
  • Contributing to a sustainable education environment in the region and Iraq.


1. Provide local and global markets with competent, experienced, and skillful individuals, and who perform leading roles in the different fileds.

2. Maintain the leading position of the university as a scientific and cultural edifice of its local, regional environment.

3. Establish scientific and cultural ties with counterparts from local and international universities and scientific institutions and openness towards all institutions that share our objectives.

4. Contribute to setting development plans through cooperation with governmental and non-governmental agencies.

5. Sustaining university advisory and training centers and increasing their interaction with the market and social requirements.

6. Continuous training and development of scientific, administrative, and vocational staff by involving them in local and international training courses, plus paving the way for them to fine-tune their skills and talents.

7. Provide an appropriate environment for staff to work and students to learn.

8. Adopt international labor standards and ideas that help the university deliver better services to society.

9. Spread a culture of tolerance and pluralism among communities and work ethics between individuals in their different departments of NU.

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