About the ACCN program:

The Accounting program offers a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting. This program provides graduates with quality education, training &skills enabling them to become successful Professional.


ACCN Mission:

To educate student who core knowledge that forms the basic Accounting and prepare qualified graduates of professional practice to meet the need of the community in field of accounting.  

ACCN Goals:

The undergraduate education in the NU Accounting Department prepares student to achieve our Program Education Objectives (ACCN):

Goal1: Provide student with scientific and practical knowledge in the fields of accounting.

Goal2: Develop the students’ abilities in research and critical thinking, and applying in their field of work.

Goal3: Inform students of decision-making methods and provide them with the necessary expertise that gives them the ability to develop and innovate.

Goal4: Provide students with research, analysis, reasoning and problem-solving capabilities.


Students graduating from the Accounting Department at NU will be expected and prepared to exercise the skill and abilities (a) though (j) listed in the program learning Outcomes below.

The student will be able to:

(a) Ability to apply knowledge of accounting area.

(b) Apply the values in ethical, regulatory, and social responsibility accounting issues.

(c)Communicate effectively in accounting topics and research.

(d)Effectively apply knowledge and skills in the functional areas of accounting.

(e)Apply critical thinking skills by solving problems requiring quantitative and/or qualitative analysis.

(f) Identify information needs and demonstrate knowledge and skill about information technology needed to accomplish specific tasks.

(g) . Develop the skill of teamwork and participation in various accounting fields.

(h) Assess the methods of decision making in accounting areas.

(i) Discover scientific research tools to collect and analyze data in their field of work.

(j)Understand the skills of deduction and finding solutions related to problem solving in the field of work.

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