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Department of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

Department of Administration

1-     Overview

As a continual development in the specialties of the College of Administration & Economics, the 2012-2013 academic witnessed the foundation of the DoA. Accordingly, since that time the department has adhered to the modernized trends in administration sciences.

DoA adopted an approach of academic activity improvement, based on the recent Arabic and global advanced programs and plans. This doubtlessly is done not without taking into account the interests of the students, faculty, and field work, including the plans of founding postgraduate higher studies (Higher Diploma Degree, Master degree, and PhD degree).

Keeping pace with Nawroz University’s objectives and in accordance with the community needs, DoA has actively participated in the achievement of the goals t   through conducting training courses for the both, the state and the private sectors’ employees, besides similar programs to its cadre.

DoA’s goals are always achieved by the spirit of team work among the department’s faculty and employees. Naturally, all this could not be achieved without the support of the College of Administration and Economics Deanery

2-Why DoA Foundation?

a-     Strengthening administration as a profession and widening its specialty framework.

b-    Meeting the managerial needs of Kurdistan Region for specialized human resources.

c-     Providing the environment for managerial expertise according to the academic standards.

d-    Fulfilling the requirements of founding a managerial school in Kurdistan Region.


DoA was founded during the 2012-203 academic-year. As a scientific department, it looks forward to achieve pioneering within the college and the university in particular, and in Kurdistan Region in general. DoA always adheres to the global criteria in the field of education and research. It does the best to provide managerial consultative services through a complementary process of conceptual knowledge and technical skills.


a-     Graduating qualified cadre in the field of business administration with trusted scientific arsenal and technical skills who could reach the goals of management profession.

b-    Preparing cadre with pioneering spirit to offer trusted managerial advice.

c-     Encouraging the research work publication in the field of business management, projects, and establishments.


 As far as DoA’s role is concerned in the Bachelor Degree study, it aims at:

a-     Graduating specialized people in the field of business management to fill lower and medium posts for both, the state and the private sectors.

b-    Providing the graduates with conceptual knowledge besides the technical training which is need in nowadays competitive environment.

c-     Training managerial leaderships with good educational and scientific arsenal in the field of management, marketing, and international business.


a-     Attracting highly qualified faculty.

b-    Encouraging research work.

c-     Conducting development programs for the academic faculty in methods of teaching and in computer for both faculty and employees.

d-    Encouraging the faculty to take part in the domestic and global scientific conferences.

e-     Developing the tertiary level of study to include Higher Diploma Degree and Master Degree.

f-       Building active strategies to cross the barriers to DoA progress.


DoA confers the graduates a Bachelor Degree in managerial sciences with managerial-post titles such as assistant clerk and co-researcher. Till now the graduates from DoA has reached 250 in number.

7- DoA Contribution

1-     DoA is a pioneering factor in suggesting the opening of new scientific departments or any other initiatives.

2-     DoA has always a pioneering role in the field of continual learning whether for Nawroz University’s employees or to governmental institution in Duhok.

8- Post-study Prospects

a-     Employment in global universities and institutions

b-    Employment in the state and private sectors

9- DoA’s Organizational Structure

a-     Department Council

b-    Faculty   

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