Stage 1

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Arabic LanguageC033953
2Constitutional Law (Constitution Theory)C034042
3Criminology and PinologyC034142
4General English Language (part I)C034264
5History of LawC034342
6Human RightsC034442
7Introduction to the study of LawC034584
9Legal terminology in EnglishC034742

Stage 2

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Administrative Law (General Principles / assets and principles)C034842
2Administrative Law in EnglishC034942
3Assets and rules of Islamic jurisprudenceC035063
4Civil Law (commitment sources)C047063
5Commercial Law (General Principles / business and merchant)C035263
6Constitutional law (state theory and political systems)C035363
7English General language(part2)C035442
8Penal Law (General Section)C035563
9Public international lawC035663

Stage 3

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Academic English Language (Part I)C036542
2Administrative Law - Administrative Actions and the principle of legalityC035742
3Civil Law II - Rules of Obligation 2C035863
4Companies LawC035942
5International OrganizationsC044742
6Labour Law and Social InsuranceC036142
7Law of personal status ( marriage and divorce )C036242
8Penal Law: PrivateC036463
9Public Finance & Tax legislationC044842

Stage 4

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Academic English Language (Part II)C045842
2Administrative JudiciaryC045553
3Civil Law IIIC045763
4Commercial PapersC036642
5International Humanitarian LawC045921
6Personal Status Law - Inheritance and WillC045642
7Private international LawC037363
8The law of criminal proceduresC036874

Stage 5

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Civil Law IV- Rights in RemC048484
2Civil Procedure's Law and ProofC049174
3Complementary Legislations in Private LawC049042
4Complementary Legislations in Public LawC048742
5Implementation LawC048532
6Legal Research and Graduation ProjectC048832
7Principles of Criminal Investigation & Forensic MedicineC048932



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