First Stage
Course CodeCourse TitleThPrCrHrs
LAW106Arabic Language215
LAW102Constitutional law (Constitution Theory)204
LAW104Criminology and Pinology204
LAW107General English Language (Part I)226
LAW103History of Law204
LAW105Human Rights204
LAW101Introduction to the study of Law408
LAW109Kurdology / Kurd in International Relations102
LAW108Legal Terminologies204

Second Stage
Course CodeCourse TitleThPrCrHrs
LAW204Administrative Law (General Principles)204
LAW209Administrative Law (in English)204
LAW201Civil Law-I (Sources of Obligation)306
LAW207Commercial Law (Principles and Contracts)306
LAW205Constitutional law (Theory of the State and Political Systems)306
LAW208General English language (Part II)204
LAW202Penal Law / Public part306
LAW206Principles of Islamic Jurisprudence and its Rules306
LAW203Public International Law306

Third Stage
Course CodeCourse TitleThPrCrHrs
LAW308Academic English Language (Part I)204
LAW302Administrative Law / Administrative Actions and Principle of Legality204
LAW301Civil Law-II (Provisions of the Obligation)306
LAW307Companies Law204
LAW304International Organizations204
LAW306Labour Law and Social Insurance204
LAW303Law of Personal Status / Marriage and Divorce204
LAW305Penal Law / Private Part306
LAW309Public Finance and Tax Legislation204

Fourth Stage
Course CodeCourse TitleThPrCrHrs
LAW406Academic English Language (Part II)204
LAW402Administrative Judiciary215
LAW401Civil Law-III (Civil Contracts)306
LAW405Commercial Papers204
LAW404International Humanitarian Law102
LAW407Law of Criminal Procedures317
LAW408Personal Status Law (Inheritance and Will)204
LAW403Private International Law306

Fifth Stage
Course CodeCourse TitleThPrCrHrs
LAW501Civil Law IV- Rights in Rem408
LAW502Civil Procedure's Law and Proof317
LAW503Implementation Law113
LAW507Legal Research and Graduation Project203
LAW504Principles of Criminal Investigation & Forensic Medicine113
LAW506حمایة المستهلك204
LAW505قانون الاتصالات204
Law0247قانون المحامات304
CODEقانون الملكية الفكرية304

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