Academic Program

Communications and Computer Engineering

First Stage, First Semester

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Academic DebateC021733
2Calculus IC047633
3Computer Org. and Logic DesignC021545
4Engineering DrawingC021824
6Physics IC064834
7Program. Fund. IC022234

First Stage, Second Semester

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Calculus IIC065033
2Computer SkillsC047734
3English LanguageC021933
4Fundamentals Of Electrical EngineeringC021645
5Kurdology/ History& CultureC065133
6Physics IIC065234
7Program. Fund. IIC064934

Second Stage, First Semester

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Data Structure & AlgorithmsC022434
2Electronics IC022634
3Engineering Math IC065333
4Fundamentals of CommunicationsC044134
5Microprocessors IC022834
6Numerical AnalysisC065434

Second Stage, Second Semester

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Electromagnetic FieldsC044033
2Electronics IIC065634
3Engineering Math IIC065833
4Microprocessors IIC065734
5Probabilities and StatisticsC065534
6Signals and SystemsC022934

Stage 3

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Computer ArchitectureC023064
2Computer Networks and Web DesignC023164
3Control SystemsC044364
4Digital CommunicationsC023264
5Digital ElectronicsC023364
6Digital Signal ProcessingC023464
7Mini ProjectC044411
8Operating SystemsC023564

Stage 4

#Course NameCodeUnitsHours per week
1Digital Image ProcessingC023964
2Information and Network SecurityC024042
3Optical CommunicationsC023742
5Radio-Wave Propagation & AntennaC024264
6Real-Time and Embedded SystemsC024364
7Satellite and Mobile CommunicationC044553

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