Department of Finance and Banking will organize a scientific webinar

The Faculty of Administration and Economics at Nawroz University - Department of Banking and Financial Sciences, holds an electronic scientific symposium under the title (Iraqi Budgets and their Failure to Meet the Requirements of Development) through the Zoom program.
On April 17th-18th at 10:00 AM

The Symposium Goals
The symposium aims to discuss a very important topic related to a conceptual presentation of the general budget and economic development in addition to discussing the role of budgets in economic development, as well as clarifying and presenting the trends of the public budget in Iraq.

The First Session:
The General Budget and Economic Development, a Conceptual Framework.

Presented by Dr. Emad Khalil Idan

The Second Session:
Analysis and Development of Public Budget Trends in Iraq.

Presented by Ass. Prof. Dr. Ghassan Ibrahim Ahmed

Preparation Committee
Dr. Zozan Mohammed Saleh. Head
Lect. Hilofan Hosni Othman. Member
Lect. Maher Omar Ali. Membera

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