The Department of Business Administration - College of Administration and Economics at Nowruz University holds an electronic scientific symposium entitled (E-Marketing in Light of the Coronavirus Pandemic)

 On Saturday, April 10, 2021, at (9:30) precisely in the evening, from the Zoom electronic platform.

                                          Conference Goals

1) Review the concept of e-marketing.

2) Explain how electronic marketing works.

3) Explain how stores and companies were able to practice electronic marketing and communicate with customers in Kurdistan Region - Dohuk Governorate, despite the imposed ban.

4) Clarify how stores and companies can make advertisements for their products and businesses at the lowest possible cost, and obtain returns from electronic marketing.


First: The first axis: -

Opening Speech by Lect. Hilofan Hosni Othman       

E-Marketing Theoretical Framework

- presented by Dr. Ahsan Mohsen

Second: The second axis: -

The reality of electronic marketing in light of the Corona pandemic in the Kurdistan region and Dohuk governorate.           - Presented by Dr. Maan Thabit Arif

         Preparation Committee

Dr. Zhiyar Ismael                       Head

Lect. Hilofan Hosni Othman       Member

Lect. Van Miran Shaheen        Member

Lect. Adnan Ahmed                  Member

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