3rd International Conference on Applied Zoology (ICAZ-2020)

The Applied Zoological Society of Pakistan (AZSP) held the

3rd International Conference on Applied Zoology (ICAZ-2020)


To Address Inspirational Motivation of Applied Zoological Sciences in the Age of Uncertainty

Held on December 7-8, 2020 at

Quaid-i-Azam University – Islamabad – Pakistan

The Conference of Applied Zoology to address emerging research and many challenges in multidisciplinary of Zoology. The motto of this conference was to bring together leading academicians, scientists, researchers, scholars, medical practitioners, and various industry professionals from all around the world to a common platform to have scientific discussion on the latest advancement of the Domain of Applied Zoology. Nawroz University participated in this important event as an invited oral speaker for the research entitled “The Effect of Iron Nanoparticles on Some Biological and Hematological Parameters in Albino Rats” Presented by Prof. Omar Al-Habib.


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