Busy day of meetings

Nawroz University delegation meets with the vice founding rector of the NEU- Turkish Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Garib Tomer. Mr. Garib has welcomed the delegation and expressed his full support to strengthening relations between the two universities, and called to further cooperation and visits between two sides.  

The second visit, the delegation visited the Faculty of Arts and Sciences and has been received by both Prof. Dr. Ali Efdal Ozkul, dean of the College and Prof. Dr. Erven Hinçal, assistant dean. The postgraduate studies were one of the main topics that have been discussed in this meeting. The dean and his assistant offered cooperation and support to the delegation and called to deepen ties between the two parties were one of the most important topics discussed. 

The delegation also met with the Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Prof. Dr. Zainab Onuk, her assistants both Dr. Sema Oznoglu and Dr. Kozan Ozunoglu Head of Architectural department. During the meeting, they stressed on the steps that would serve students and teaching staff.

In a fourth visit, the delegation of our university visited the deanship of law faculty and met with Dr. Volkan Gunel Director of Graduate Studies-European law and several assistants and heads of scientific departments.  Both Parties addressed issues of common interest and the delegation members expressed their full support to the students of postgraduate studies who are graduated from Nawroz University, which are available for study at the Near East University.

Finally, the delegation visited the Faculty of Management and Economics, where Dr. Sherifa Eyüpoğlu, Dean of the College.  In this meeting also the main topic was the postgraduate studies and the way of implementing cooperation between twos sides.  

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