A Training Course will soon be Run at NU


The Law Department, with the cooperation of the Legal Clinic at the College of Law and Politics at NU, will organize a training course to develop the capabilities of law staff at NU, as well as lawyers from governmental and non-governmental institutions. The course will last for 5 days, from 19th till 23rd February 2022.
Information about the course:
1. The course aims to develop the participant’s skills and abilities.
2. The organizer of the course is the Law Department at the College of Law and Politics, with the cooperation of the Legal Clinic at NU.
3. The course takes place at Pedagogy Hall at College of Law and Politics - NU.
4. The start date and timing of the course is 19/2/2022 till 23/2/2022, at 4:00 PM.
5. The target group is law staff of the Law Department and lawyers.
6. Participation fee is 30000 Iraqi Dinar.
7. Participation in the course is free of charge for the staff of NU.
8. To register for the course, you can call the phone number 07504580897, or send an email to yasin.abdullah@nawroz.edu.krd
9. The last date for registration is Wednesday, February 16th 2022


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