Nawroz University commemorates on Kurdistan Flag-Day!

Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2019 (NZU campus) — in the courtyard of Nawroz University, a group of sons and daughters of Peshmerga martyrs, hoisted the Kurdistan flag with the president of the University at a special ceremony dedicated to this purpose. 

A variety of student activities were presented, including designating a special day for the heroes Peshmarga, students have shown some sports activities under Mr. Mustaf's supervision. Furthermore, an exhibition of artistic paintings have been opened, and finally, some students threw some poetic verses in glorification of this Occasion. 

The ceremony has seen the attendance of the University's President, Assistant Professor Dr. Ezzat Findi Yahya, Vice-President for Scientific Affairs Dr. Shivan Ahmed, Dr. Samir Fakhri, Dean of the College of Administration and Economics, Dr. Evin Khalid, Dean of the College of Law and Politics, Dr. Ezzulldine Rajab, Dean of the College of Languages, and Dr. Layla Raswol, Dean of the College of Engineering, besides a group of Faculty staff and a large number of the students and visitors.


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