Nawroz University opens a Photo Exhibition

On Tuesday morning (March 2nd, 2021), Nawroz University had organized a Photo Exhibition, and the exhibition was inaugurated by the president of Nawroz University (Prof. Dr. Abdulwahab Khalid Musa), with the presence of the Vice Presidents, the deans and a number of university teachers and students.

The exhibition was prepared by the Kurdish Photographer (Mr.Honar Salay),  before opening the exhibition the President of Nawroz University gave a speech, in which he referred to  many and various activities that have been carried out by the university. Mr. Honar expressed his thanks and gratitude to the President of the University for the great support that he had received from him.

It’s worth noting that the exhibition included 26 photos and every single photo had a different and special meaning. As it’s important to mention that this is the second exhibition that Nawroz University is organizing for (Mr. Honar Salay).

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