Scientific Affairs

The Scientific Affairs Department Duties

1.       Following up the implementation of university council decisions concerning scientific affairs.

2.       Organizing and following up the official responses concerning the studying syllabi for the first studies.

3.       Systemizing and following up the scientific stimulation affairs for the scientific researches provided by the staff members for stimulation purposes in a full confidential manner and organizing the reports of the meetings of central stimulation committee and issuing administrative orders by scientific stimulation for the scientific researches and books.

4.       Following up the implementation of the University's annual research plan.

5.       Answering the incoming official letters to the university presidency from outside the university or from the colleges relevant to scientific affairs.

6.       Administering postgraduate students’ files and following up their affairs.

7.       Administering scholarship students’ files and following up their affairs.

8.       Issuing academic orders for the extra hours for the academic staff.

9.       Issuing academic orders relevant to the studying syllabi.

10.   Issuing academic orders to award the academic status.

Scientific Affairs Forms

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